Metro(sexual) North

I witnessed two firsts on the 7:52 last night (which, by the way, offered nary a spare seat. At freakin’ 7:52 p.m.!). First, I saw a man reading US Weekly. A man! He was mid-30s, in a tasteful and slightly rumpled charcoal suit, sporting half-sideburns. Have you ever seen a man reading US Weekly before?

(Coincidentally, the woman across the aisle from him was also reading US Weekly, and for several minutes, they were in perfect synchronicity as they flipped past pages of Queen Latifah in an unflattering one-piece swimsuit, Vince and Jen, etc. It was like when you see two strangers walking in perfect lockstep without realizing it.)

And seated just two rows away, I saw another man reading the Thursday “Styles” section of the NY Times. He had cropped gray hair, a crisp white shirt and knotted tie and–get this–a wedding ring!

Where were their Wall Street Journals, their Sports Illustrateds, their Maxims? What’s next, Oprah–The Magazine?

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