The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sticking with a recurring theme in these cyber-pages, the MTA giveth and it taketh away on this Monday morning commute. Got my very own two-seater on the 8:43, which positively flew (OK, did around 80) along to Grand Central, even getting in some four minutes early.

Then the not so good. Approaching the stairs that descend to the 6 train, hoping for that Immaculate Connection was the morass of morasses at the top of the stairs. The buildup of humanity on the platform was so bad that people couldn’t even go down the stairs, much less get on an arriving train, if one were to actually arrive.

It being a not so busy Monday and all, and me wearing sneakers (thankfully, no suit though), I decided to hoof it. Saw huge buildups of gray snow on the corners, which made me miss living in Manhattan. Saw a bald man lying injured on the sidewalk, as a Good Samaritan held his head and dialed a cellphone with the NYPD hovering nearby. That made me miss living in Manhattan too.

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1 Response to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. William Hays says:

    You really need to get a job in the “Real World”, i. e. “Midtown”. One doesn’t need to ride a “cattle car” (read: subway) to make megabucks. Vita Brevis! Work within a 5-minute walk to GCT! Find a friend that works for MTA and get a key for the “Emergency Doors” of GCT. During inclement weather, you can get from the New York Hilton (53d & 6th) to GCT without being exposed to the weather. Might want to pack a “Glock 10mm”, though. The ‘ladrones’ don’t respect a 9mm. anymore. Give them some “tunnel vision”, if necessary. Latah… Bill

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