Sad ‘Sack

I’d like to suggest a product recall. No, not poisonous pet food or anything, but these crappy New York Sports Club knapsacks that I see strapped to the backs of lots of commuters.

NYSC (not to be confused with ‘N SYNC) gave these things out to new members, along with crappy baseball hats and some other crappy nonsense. As my old, vaguely hipster-ish messenger bag from my city days was pretty useless when I had to run for the train, I grabbed the Missus’ NYSC bag in the fall and made it my daily man-purse.

Commuters, consider yourselves warned: These bags suck. The first zipper broke about a month ago, so I resorted to the second zipper. And that broke over the weekend.  (Doesn’t it take a Jansport or Eastpak a few decades to go through both zippers?)

I forgot about it until this morning, and had to run for the train with a bent paper clip holding the whole affair together.

If you squint just right, you can probably see the glint of the paper clip.

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