Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about NYC Commuting

There was a very smart, very well-reported story in yesterday’s “Westchester” section of the NY Times, in which Ken Belson analyzes the age-old conundrum of, with readership growing on the Metro North, LIRR and whatever the Jersey people take, why does the MTA have such trouble finding the money to meet the needs of its riders?

Some tidbits Belson unearths: Once the Jersey fares go up this year, they’ll be paying an average of 18.3 cents a mile. Sound high? It’s not, as Metro North riders pay 20.3 cents and LIRR pays 20.7 cents.

There was also a money quote, so to speak, from an Anthony Cariglia from Little Silver, New Jersey. As befits a man from a town called Little Silver, Cariglia was wondering how he was going to find the funds to cover a fare hike. “I guess I’m going to have to cancel HBO or start drinking cheaper beer,” he said.

With Sopranos starting in a matter of weeks, I’m guessing Cariglia opts for the Meister Brau.

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