‘Mileposts’ Takes a Roman Holiday

The March issue of MTA rag Mileposts awaited us on the 8:17 today, these Ides of March. And indeed, the MTA’s surprisingly witty wordsmith had some fun with the Julius Caesar references. Promising it won’t be “more back stabbing by close associates,” Mileposts announced that some schedule changes would follow the Ides (“Julius Caesar got the ‘point,’ ” the story adds).

In short, if you live in Mt. Kisco, Tarrytown or Stamford, you’ve got some new commuting options.

As always, Mileposts announced the latest “On-Time Performance” ratings. The Hudson Line won with a 99.4 on time score (of course, as we mention all too much, “on time” means anything that’s up to 5 minutes and 59 second late). In second was our beloved Harlem line, followed by G. Francis’ hapless New Haven line.

When reporting this race, it’s hard not to picture the Jumbo-tron dot race at the ballpark, or the subway race at Shea, or the sausage race at the stadium in Milwaukee.

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