Searching Pumpkins


We’ve been getting a fair number of angry teens to Trainjotting, whose only experience with commuting is hopping the L.I.R.R. to Penn Station, six-pack in knapsack, for the Arcade Fire concert upstairs in the Garden.

Why, you ask? Because we had a headline in the early days that referenced Smashing Pumpkins–“Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just a Rat on the Platform“, to be specific–and when people search that lyric, Trainjotting comes up. Try it for yourself–Google “despite all my rage”, and the second of 1,500,000 links is none other than ours. In tech terms, I believe that’s called “search optimization.” And companies pay a lot of money for it!

So welcome, angry young people of America. That “1979” song off the double album (Melon Collie, something or other?) is one of my favorites. And while you’re insisting, in all of your blissfully unaware jeunesse, that you’ll never end up commuting to work for The Man, keep in mind that I once said that too.

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